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Well, it’s like

shooting fish in barrel. Still, it seems that some people got the memo.

Even so, understand well that this is NOT them suddenly coming to their senses. This is merely a fall-back strategy, a strategic retreat. Let’s not be fooled, here!

In many ways I laugh at such articles. And indeed, they ARE funny! Still, I can’t shake the sense that this all a Jiu-Jitsu move…

Don’t get too excited. That’s 110 seconds out of one five-minute monologue, one of an estimated 130 monologues or so. That comes to roughly 39,000 seconds of 2022 Colbert monologue time as an estimate, which puts this sharp attack at about 0.28% of Colbert’s focus in 2022.

We ALL know that Joe has got to go, and Kamala can by no means win a general election. THAT is clear to even the dullest among us. That’s why Gruesome Gavin™ has suddenly come into national view.

And here’s more gaslighting!:

“It was the meme of the week: Joe’s gotta go. It felt like every liberal news outlet took part in a week of a scathing critique of President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris, with many even from the President’s own party suggesting he commit to not running in 2024,” Nichols wrote.

It’s a ruse. Don’t be fooled by this strategic retreat!

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