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Yes, a Presidential Special

Counsel is indeed warranted. Both for Hunter and for Joe. But it won’t happen–UNLESS the party decides it’s profitable to now chuck Joe under the bus. Still, the party is edging in that direction already. And it is very possible that the mid-terms will be the push that sends both Biden and Harris falling head-over-heels off that cliff.

In practice, though, special counsels are almost always disasters. Rarely if ever do they find actionable crimes that relate directly to their mandate. In almost every case, the only prosecutions that take place involve secondary or tertiary figures and indictments for “process crimes.” They go on for years, raise expectations while spending significant amounts of money, and end up doing nothing more than generating a report while ruining the lives of tangential figures.

Yes, while seeing Biden and Harris torn apart by their own party would indeed be immensely satisfying, I don’t think it is likely to happen and it probably would not be the ideal outcome in many ways, anyway. These two are absolutely horrible at their jobs, but just by statistical regression to the mean the Dems can’t pick anyone worse.

Plus, it allows the Democrats to pose, posture, and avoid. They would blame the misery and crappy policy on the incompetence of Biden and Harris, and thus avoid what is SO obvious–that the problem is Leftism itself.

Out of the dead asp’s hole would come a cockatrice…

So I would rather have these two be stinky dead albatrosses hung around the necks of Democrats than, almost for sure, Democrats getting someone better.

The problem for Democrats is that there are no obvious decent replacements. If Kamala had been even a halfway acceptable option, Joe would already be gone. But there is this double whammy of Kamala and Joe being terrible and the damage the party would take if they ratted them out.

Therefore, Joe is still in office.

BUT, we are rapidly approaching the “tipping point” for Dems. And the idea of chucking both Joe and Kamala is gaining steam in hard Lefty circles. And it is getting more mainstream. Dems are starting to “blamestorm.”

And they will soon make Biden and Harris into scapegoats–they will place on them all the faults of Leftism and then send them out to die, politically.

All the while, Gavin Newsom is circling, circling. Just waiting for the right opening…

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