Yeah, but

things are not good, in any case. But there is hope. I guess I want to be hopeful, and I am, long-term. But for the last 35 years, the Left has been free to work their nefarious schemes. NONE of wanted to believe what it actually was.

But things DO look different now in some important ways. And probably the biggest deal is that regular people are waking up to the horrible Stalinesque crap-fest that is the deep state.

In fact, I DO think that the despotic Left has gotten out over their skis. And I think that this Mar-a-Lago crappery has revealed the Left for what it IS. The mask has fallen, and there’s no longer even a shred of moral grounding for the Left…

But the fight against evil is ongoing. Evil never sleeps.

The good news is that people are waking up to the corruption at the highest levels of our government. Law-abiding citizens have long revered the FBI and other law-enforcement agencies, perhaps with a naivete born of TV dramas and Hollywood blockbusters. 

… Now that we see clearly what the problem is, where do we go from here? Sure, we can peacefully protest, send angry emails, or post diatribes on social media, but that’s not going to fix the problems that are eating away at our republic. The answer lies in winning elections. Decisively. First the midterms and then the White House in 2024. 

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