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Look, the science is

settled: Masks are useless.

But really, we’ve known that for some time. It’s just that most Lefties are coercive drama queens and are far more interested in virtue-signaling and controlling others than they are in actually following the science.

Masks are 100% theater (of the absurd), meant only to demonstrate just who is master and who is servant.

A letter from top-level doctors and researchers arguing against the effectiveness of indoor mask mandates, along with pushback from health departments, cities and business groups, possibly played a role in a surprise decision not to re-institute the mandate in Los Angeles County last month.

…Klausner, along with colleagues who co-authored the op-ed piece in the Orange County Register, mentioned masking studies in North Dakota, the United Kingdom and Finland that found “the same lack of any clear benefit.”

But this was all NEVER about the virus…

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