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Like I suggested yesterday:

Maybe this is a bad idea.

What the crap were you thinking, “Joe?”

Pappas represents a swing district which Biden won by six points in 2020. The fact that he’s running scared this afternoon is a red alert to the White House that vulnerable Dems think student loan forgiveness is a political loser even on generally favorable political terrain.

.. And then there’s poor Tim Ryan, the Dem rep running for Senate in Ohio who’s spent every waking hour this summer repositioning himself as a sort of MAGA populist who just happens to be a liberal. Ryan’s odds of winning in a state as red as his were always slim but that rebranding has probably helped his chances. Or had helped, I should say: Forgiving the debt of college students and no one else is the political equivalent of Biden leaving a flaming bag of sh*t on his doorstep. Somehow Ryan’s going to have to explain to factory workers in Youngstown why the president he supported in 2020 wants to give their tax money to professionals who didn’t have the good sense not to go deeply into debt to go to school. [emphasis adde

… Telling an average joe that the guy next to him deserves 10,000 bucks just because he went to college and took out some loans to pay for it is much harder to defend.

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