Update on “Biden’s”

student loan fiasco:

Honestly, I am just gobsmacked at the rank and flagrant immorality of this! It’s just so unfair.

Biden doesn’t foot the bill, YOU do! And you never agreed to do so.

Yeah, maybe this evil will go over well with those who are beneficiaries of the crime, but those of us who are victims of this outright mugging are not at all happy with it.

We are being robbed!

Look, I paid my student loans. So young adults, float your own damned boat! Don’t use government thugs to steal from me!

I’ll tell you what I think the long game is here for Democrats: Make young people a party to theft so that they justify it to themselves and thus are easier “marks” in the future. Get them to join in the crime, and you have almost always snared them for life! Most are FAR too narcissistic to admit that they participated in immorality, in outright theft!

Get them to participate in the crime, and like all in the mob, they will be “made men.”

QUESTION: So the trucker who took out a $100,00o to buy a truck so he could work–does he get part of that loan paid for by others? Asking for a friend…

Hopefully, someone will sue.

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