Media Flying Monkeys


The best kind of freude there is! It’s pretty dang awesome the rats panic at being caught and start turning on each other!

But it’s tricky. CNN cannot immediately and abruptly change to being more conservative (or even to being a bit more even-handed) because they (as we see now) will anger their hard Leftist wacko audience (which is almost the whole thing).

So on one hand, they recognize that they have to be more “straight shooters” and take a “Fabian” approach because already the saner folks are gone for them. But if they do that the Lefty nuts crucify them! So they are in a serious bind.

On Monday evening, the hashtag “#BoycottCNN” made Twitter’s coveted trending list, which means a lot of people are seeing it. I nearly brushed it off thinking it was probably just a typical conservative-led boycott of the network.

I was wrong. It was way better than that.

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