Captain Obvious

Oz jukes

Fetterman. Basically, Fetterman is using the ol’ Joe Biden playbook and making as few public appearances as is humanly possible in order to hide obvious mental impairment.

And Oz is calling him out on it.

Of course, everyone paying attention to the race knows the real reason Fetterman isn’t debating is that he can’t. The lingering effects of his stroke are uncomfortable to witness, and there’s no way to know whether he ever really improves further. Certainly, there’s no way he could stand up for two hours and answer questions. In fact, Fetterman has not answered a single question from a reporter during the general election.

Look, Fetterman is just not fit for the Senate. He has a brain injury. That is NOT making fun, it just is the way things are. There is a very good reason you have never heard him, even for a few seconds…

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