Democrat Death-Rattle Despotism

Well, maybe they

needed some reading material! And…

A detailed list of what the FBI claims it took shows Reinhart’s was a general warrant, which the 4th Amendment bans. I suppose this is FBI standard operating procedure because although they are sworn to defend the Constitution, the agents never seem to bother following it.

… FBI agents took hundreds of documents and photographs that were not classified. Again, why? If this is supposed to be a case of Donald Trump stealing and hoarding classified documents the FBI’s seizure of items that are not marked classified is bogus and should warrant a criminal investigation of the 30 agents who spent 9 hours rifling through the president’s personal belongings and Melania’s underwear drawer.

… If the warrant says the FBI can take newspapers, clothing and gifts, then Congress must impeach Magistrate Reinhart. If it doesn’t, the 30 agents in the raid must be suspended without pay and prosecuted.

… This raid is all too typical. They did the same thing to Richard Jewell 26 years ago when they tried to frame him for the Atlanta Olympics bombing. He was a hero who saved hundreds of lives and the FBI treated him like shit.

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