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The explosive-diarrhea

Democrat (and RINO) spending is just horrifyingly frightening. These idiots need to reign it in! This is what happens when you have a total moron at the helm and stupid congressional Democrats who blindly and slavishly do whatever their Democrat masters say…

The lesson here is very clear: NEVER vote Democrat. They are in cahoots with the RINOS, and screw everything up. Haven’t you learned the better yet? Sheesh, it isn’t like that hasn’t been obvious to even the dullest among us for 30 years!

Let me make it abundantly clear to everyone: A Republican President and Congress makes the economy go “Boom!” A Democrat President and Congress makes the economy go bust. A RINO President also tanks the economy, only a bit slower…

Democrats totally suck in terms of the economy. Got it, yet?

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