Bad Faith History

Lobotomy was a

VERY big deal. But at heart, what was old in new again. And “transgender” surgery is the new lobotomy.

Unfortunately, the science of treating mental illness is not especially good, and the treatments themselves have at times been cruel, destructive, and sometimes downright evil.

Guys, this mutilation is a fad! But unfortunately, there are kids who are now permanently damaged because of this. And others will be before this fad runs its course. Surgeons who are willing to mutilate others in this way for money are despicable.

And it’s incredibly destructive. People who are suffering are getting quack treatments. Sometimes they’re suffering something serious and real, in which case the treatment should be intense and appropriate to the condition; other times it is the result of a teenage phase and should be seen as a teen experimenting with Goth culture. Instead, we are medicalizing the problem and literally sterilizing children and surgically altering their bodies. For profit.

It’s heartbreaking.

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