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it’s weird. Not just that Biden is a senile old buffoon–that has been clear and obvious to even those of even the most pedestrian intellect from the get-go. DUH!

To me it is very strange that otherwise sane people let spittle spew out their lips and voted for him. They blindly bought the MSM lies because that fed both their egos and their foam-flecked hatred. They foolishly bought all that the deceptively partisan MSM was peddling–because it reified their own beliefs–it took their abstract and lovingly-held (and irrational) hatred and made it real. Yeah, they got worked. They got conned. And their narcissism made them an easy mark!

Joe Biden appeared in Puerto Rico on Monday to deliver remarks and to promise aid after the recent hurricane that struck the island. He also had some really head-scratching things to say. And while I realize that the president being senile and giving away your money is basically every other day of the week, the news is the news so let’s get to it.

… This is one of those instances I’ve mentioned before where the president tries to say something that presents himself as everything to everyone. One day he will claim to have been a member of the Civil Rights movement and the next, he’ll say he got arrested with Nelson Mandela after fighting a guy named Corn Pop. Oh, and he once drove an eighteen-wheeler while attending shul more than Jewish people do. Of course, none of that is actually true, which is par for the course regarding anything Biden says.

… Moving on, it wouldn’t be a Biden speech without bouts of confusion. At one point, he talked about New York sending a congresswoman down to Puerto Rico but also state troopers or something. Again, I don’t know what he’s trying to say.

But hey, no mean Tweets!

I’m just so glad I don’t have the everlasting shame of having had such piss-poor judgment that I actually voted for this nimrod!

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