Lefty Political Strategy

And the trend

continues to get worse…

Veteran politician U.S. Sen. Maggie Hassan (D-N.H.) has backed out of a scheduled debate with her Republican challenger and political newcomer Don Bolduc.

Constantini pointed out that so far Hassan hasn’t accepted any of Bolduc’s repeated invitations to debate him. She also pointed out that Hassan hasn’t appeared in any public forum to discuss her candidacy while Bolduc has appeared, according to Constantini, in 34 town hall meetings and other public appearances.

Why? No reason even given by Ms. Hassan

BUT, we know very well why. It is because her position is horribly weak. It simply cannot bear the weight of a public debate. So she is taking the typical Lefty path of running away.

It used to be that regular Lefties in the community would argue a point. Then they stopped and just refused. Now we are seeing a third phase where even several Lefty politicians won’t debate their ideas! AZ and NH are just the start.

See the progression?

The very obvious tactic of Leftists is not to justify their positions at all. They want you, the voter, to buy a “cat in a bag.” I would be surprised if Biden or whoever the Democrat candidate is in 2024 will even debate at all.

THIS is now the strategy for Democrats.

They have all joined the DDD crowd: Democrats Don’t Debate. They won’t explain themselves. And voters should reject them for that disgusting gambit.

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