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Yes, stop the

mail-in ballot madness!

Look, for me to vote, I load up my wheelchair, drive to the polling place, unload the wheelchair, roll in and vote, roll out and load up the wheelchair, drive home, unload the wheelchair, and roll back in the house.

If YOU are able-bodied, you should be ashamed to vote by mail for no reason other than your own laziness! Shame on you! Look, I get it if there is some GOOD reason to vote absentee (like I’m out of town that day, or physically unable). But doing it just because you don’t want to put down the Funyuns and Mt. Dew and make the effort to vote is utterly despicable!

Delaware is a bit bluer than the other states that have been fighting for more election integrity, and that’s what makes this news so interesting.

… Mail-in ballots, no voter ID, and same-day voter registration are all designed to dilute the process to the point where it becomes easy to manipulate it and not get caught. The Democrats have evil wizards and witches in towers working on this kind of stuff all the time. Those of us on the election integrity side of the aisle need to constantly push back against leftist attempts to permanently pervert our elections.

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