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Monday night showed

with great clarity why Democrats are afraid to debate.

It’s not just that the Democratic candidates out there are saddled with a toxic, Constitution-shredding lunatic in the White House, it’s also that this year’s field is perhaps one of the greatest collections of mediocrities in recent American political history. There’s a lot of talk about the Republicans running this year being extremists and a bunch of crazies (check out my latest “Worst of Times” column for more on that), but that’s just noise to cover for the fact that the Dems are running candidates who couldn’t lead in the best of times. The madness in the world right now requires some maverick personalities who haven’t been corrupted by being cogs in a political machine that’s breaking down.

Basically, they have no answer to objections. They really need to get out of the Lefty fever swamp echo chamber and defend their ideas. This “preaching to the choir” has rendered Leftists intellectually flabby and philosophically incompetent.

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