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I do so hope

that the author is right. But for now, Conservatives better get their butts moving! Volunteer at polls. Monetarily support Conservative candidates. Do ALL that you can.

Things look decently good right now. But run through the tape, not to the tape!

The most blatant attempt at shaping a rosy narrative for Democrats about the midterms has been the absurd push to take note of “registered voter” polls, which in the real world means almost nothing. The “likely voter” polls—that is, polls of people who are actually likely to vote in the midterms—paint a different picture across the board, from the congressional generic ballot to the Senate and gubernatorial races. Nevertheless, as is sadly and predictably the case, there are those on the Right who have fallen for this psy-op. If one really wants to get a snapshot of reality, look at the polls strictly focused on likely independent voters only.

In order for the Left to get the definitive rebuke it needs and so richly deserves, however, it is important during these last four weeks before Election Day to do everything in our power to make it so. So keep calm, carry on, and annihilate the Left: the tears and screams of agony from those twisted souls as they lose their “precious” ring of congressional power will be extremely enjoyable on Election Night. 

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