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Well, who

can blame them? The Portland Lefty morons have turned that state into a total Hell-hole! So it’s no surprise that sane Oregonians want to live in Idaho (some have even already moved there).

Voters in nine Oregon counties have already supported ballot measures that express their counties’ desire to leave Oregon and join Idaho, and two more may follow this trend in November.

As noted by CBS News, a growing number of activists in the eastern part of Oregon are seeking a divorce from their state’s reliably Democratic largest city, Portland, which dominates the entire state’s political scene. These activists feel that the state’s coastal areas, which contain a majority of the state’s poulation, do not represent them or their values and that they would be more at home in conservative-leaning Idaho than they are in Oregon.

Will it happen? Honestly, I’m a bit skeptical. Still, I’m not at all sure it is possible to reform Portland–they are pretty far gone. And would Idaho even accept these Leftugees? I mean, Idaho would pretty much be skimming the “cream” while leaving the kooky Portland wackos.

But this is a movement that just won’t die, so wise Oregonians may indeed push it through.

And if it does happen, is New York next? California? Illinois? ALL these states have big-city “elites” who dominate less urban dwellers.

Stay tuned…

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