Change Lefty Political Philosophy

It’s true: The

Democrats are simply no longer the party of the common man. They are the party of fatcats, self-proclaimed elites, and stolen elections.

The Democratic Party may be the party of blue America, especially deep blue metro America, but its bid to be the party of the ordinary American, the common man and woman, is falling short.

There is a simple—and painful—reason for this. The Democrats really are no longer the party of the common man and woman. The priorities and values that dominate the party today are instead those of educated, liberal America which only partially overlap—and sometimes not at all—with those of ordinary Americans.

… The sad fact is that the cultural left in and around the Democratic party has managed to associate the party with a series of views on crime, immigration, policing, free speech and of course race and gender that are quite far from those of the median voter. 

Guys, this is not your father’s Democrat party! Democrats are a very different party, now. Your grandfather father and perhaps even your father simply would not recognize it now. So don’t feel some kind of blood duty not to leave!

Wise people are leaving the Democrats in droves. Tulsi Gabbard is just more well-known than most. But it is becoming a common occurrence!

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