In the immortal

words of Jek Porkins: Stay on target!

According to new numbers from the Fox 10 InsiderAdvantage poll, Lake is now at 54 percent compared to Hobbs’ 43 percent — an 11-point lead with less than two weeks until Election Day. 

And here’s another thing:

According to Fox 10, just two percent of AZ voters remain undecided and “[p]ollster Matt Towery believes that Hobbs’ reluctance to debate Lake may be a reason why the gap has widened in recent weeks,” suggesting the Democrat’s strategy to avoid the debate stage opposite Lake has backfired spectacularly.

Well, I really don’t think that’s the whole story (and I doubt Matt Towery thinks so, either). See, Hobbs was faced with a devil’s dilemma: If she debated Lake she would certainly look terrible. But, if she ran away from the debate she would look like a lightweight coward who was too timid to even stand up for herself and her beliefs.

So she figured that the second option was the least bad of the two, and she “bravely ran away” while at the same time blaming Lake. THIS has become the “default” position for Leftists…

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