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Amnesty my butt!

Just remember what Democrats did to you. And your kids. And vote accordingly.

Yeah, no.

In a recent article at the far-left Atlantic calling for a “COVID amnesty,” which many found stunning in its chutzpah, Brown University “mommy economist” Emily Oster asks that we give a pass to those involved in ruining the lives of countless people and probably killing many more for years to come. I know I’m not alone when I say my best counteroffer is, “Hell no,” and you can stick that “COVID amnesty” where the sun don’t shine.

That’s like someone having massively mentally and physically abused someone else for years and then saying, “Oops, wasn’t that all just so crazy? Let’s forget all that recent unpleasantness and be besties.”

Yeah, that’s not going to happen, you freaks. 

Remember what they did to our kids. They did it in a foam-flecked mania to get rid of “Orange Man Bad.” For them, getting rid of Trump was more important than YOU providing for your family. More important than YOUR kids developing normally. More important than the economic good of the country.

They are/were either willfully ignorant or evil. Or some of both. And they are totally unrepentant about it now. They are only NOW saying that we should “forgive” because they want to escape the consequences of their execrable behavior! It is NOT actual repentance! It is mere avoidance. It is not change, it is just the sorrowing, weeping, and wailing of the damned.

They have gleefully made YOU pull a cart with them driving you, whipping you all along the way. But suddenly YOU are driving and have the whip while THEY pull the cart, So now they preach to you how it was just wrong for them to whip you (hey, mistakes were made–we’re all imperfect) and it really is wrong for you to whip them

How conveeeeenient!

They are just doing the cringing Wormtongue thing because now YOU have the whip-hand. Don’t be fooled–this is a strategic ploy, not an “I’ve seen the light” conversion!

IF they were truly repentant, I think there are very few of us who would not quickly forgive. But they are not.

Throw these charlatans, con-men, liars, and bums out! We don’t need forgiveness of the impenitent here, we need military tribunals! We need Nuremberg II.

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