Current Events

Kinda, well.

odd, dontcha think? Well, odd if you don’t know what obviously happened!

“Funny” how reporting kind of just… disappears, eh? Friendly media is covering it up for them. DUH!

But I think we ALL know very well what happened; Paul Pelosi is more or less gay and was attracted to another gay guy. Maybe they met in a gay bar or something…

Paul had the guy over to the house for a little “play date.” They were doing their “thing” and it turned violent. They were playing sexual games when the other guy got mad. The police had to respond. Then the other gay guy hit Pelosi in the head with a rather dirty-handled hammer (that was, not-so-coincidentally, right at hand!).

The End

P.S. If YOU were married to Nancy Pelosi, wouldn’t YOU prefer to “putt from the rough” too?

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