Political Strategy

Hey, the new

Democrat talking points are out!

NOW we are starting to see the fall-back position: Toss Hunter under the bus to try and save Joe.

So we are seeing the usual Democrat “excuse creep.” First it was, “Nothing to see here, the laptop is Russian disinformation and you are a loon to even consider that there is a problem–you’re just mad about (fairly, dontcha know) losing the election.”

Then it was, “OK, HUNTER may (or may not) have done something wrong, but even if he did, JOE certainly did NOT know about it–and you are a loon for considering otherwise.”

Then it is “Well OK, Joe may have known, but he is ‘compartmentalized’ and his judgment and basic competence was unaffected. It’s Hunter who is the dirtbag. Hunter, Hunter, Hunter! And you are a freakin’ loon if you think that all these White House staffers just went along with it!”

After that it is “Joe is a senile and frail old man who was egregiously abused by his evil, greedy son. Joe loved his son, and thus was an easy mark for a scurrilous Hunter Biden. Joe’s fault (if he had one) was that he just loved his son too much.”

THAT is the penultimate step. The final one is, “Yeah, Joe was/is a bit of a senile old dirtbag, but it was always him, not Leftism itself. Besides, ALL politicians are that way–everybody does it! You are a naïve, hayseed loon if you are so ideologically blinded that you can’t see that!”

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