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Just remember,

laws and police are there far more to protect the seemingly guilty than they are to protect the obviously innocent. The police only get involved AFTER there has been a crime–the innocent cannot be protected at that point!

Everyday concealed carry does protect the innocent. The Police only intervene after someone has been victimized.

But the real issue here is that the law gives criminals (and ideally us all) due process. THAT makes mistakes less frequent and less severe. And THAT is why I like due process.

But remember, vigilanteism is never very far beneath the surface, and it is the dramatic mainstay of our culture–from Death Wish to Clint Eastwood to virtually all westerns (including Star Wars) to The Incredibles to even Pride & Prejudice! In fact, try and think of a famous movie where vigilanteism was NOT a significant theme!

Maybe a few Rom/Coms. Maybe. But name a movie or book where revenge is not at least a major portion of the plot!

Think about it: Could there be a good film about a dastardly homeowner who accidentally built his yard fence 6-inches above code?

No, the law is about protecting criminals and ensuring their due process rights–moreso than about preemptively protecting regular people!

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