Bad Faith Evil

Yes, and for

this reason that for the first time in 15 years I am replacing my aging iPhone with and Android phone.

Oh, I’m not delusional–I don’t think for a second that this affects Apple’s bottom line–I very seriously doubt they even care. Nor do I think that Android manufacturers are lily-white pure.

But I stand against slavery, and Apple has become the modern face of slavery. They are very public, in-your-face despot cheerleaders.

So yes, there’s a choice between bad and horrible. I guess I choose bad…

So it’s not enough for Apple to stay silent, the way all the celebrities with a cash stream coming from China are doing. Apple is actively helping the regime repress the protestors by making apps unavailable to them which are available to everyone else. That’s censorship.

No, that’s evil! They have descended into “bad-guy-ism.”

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