If you are for

electric cars, understand well what YOU are endorsing!

As for me, I care about these abused human beings. I don’t approve of slavery and child exploitation, like the “greens” do.


Yes, yes.

The FBI should be investigated. It has become a Lefty cesspool of corruption and injustice.

Current Events Leftugees


it’s happening. Oh, and it turns out that on the whole, these Leftugees who are motivated to sell their homes, quit their jobs, and flee Lefty hellholes tend to be much MORE conservative than even the places they are running to!

In other words, the Lefty animus toward freedom has led the people to quite naturally separate. And you can just bet that there will be a resurgence of Federalism!

Already it’s happening. Parts of Oregon want to join Idaho. Inland California wants to escape the Lefty coastal dictators. Upstate New York is sick of being dominated by NYC. Etc.

Fighting Back

Guess what?

When you publicly vilify people, you might get successfully sued!

Attorneys, there’s gold for the taking, here…

Political philosophy

Identify a Marxist

with these five easy tricks!

Dementia Joe

Well, when you

become senile, you often get more than a little paranoid.

And THAT is what we are seeing here.

Dementia Joe

Look folks,

he’s senile. It’s time you Lefties faced it. YOU voted for him! And IF you were capable of shame, you would be ashamed.

Contrary to corporate media claims, these blunders aren’t just byproducts of Biden’s childhood stutter, they are signs of a bigger problem. Here are 10 gaffes from the grandpa in the White House that should make every American question whether he’s just a figurehead.

Read it. And weep.


You wonder

how this happened? Here’s how.

Here’s the gist: Vlad wanted to create the RUBK. The RUBK consists of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan. With its demographics and natural resources, the RUBK has the geostrategic punch to secure global Great Power status.


Are we starting

to see a BIT of a shift, here? It’s just too early to tell, but I sure hope so!

But this is MIT, a top-end player. So does this actually represent some sort of cultural shift? Like I said, it’s just too early to tell, But still, this is movement in the right direction…

Buffoons Current Events

So is this

vindication? You know that there’s not a snowball’s chance in Hell of the committee dropping it if there was even a ghost of a chance of it prevailing!

Trump: “Was just advised that the Unselect Committee of political Thugs has withdrawn the Subpoena of me concerning the January 6th Protest of the CROOKED 2020 Presidential Election. They probably did so because they knew I did nothing wrong, or they were about to lose in Court. Perhaps the FBI’s involvement in RIGGING the Election played into their decision. In any event, the Subpoena is DEAD!”