Anti-scientific stance

Look, be a LITTLE

scientific, people! MASKS DON’T WORK! DUH!

It’s NOT mere ignorance that galvanizes the Democrat mindless myrmidons pushing masks. It’s malice. The data are there. It’s just not what they want so the ignore it.

But a new peer-reviewed, randomized controlled trial (RCT) of N95s versus surgical masks, considered the midrange of protection, is undermining the late federal pivot to higher-quality masks and calls to reimpose mask mandates in schools, among other settings.

… The infection rate in the N95 group was 9.27%, and the surgical, 10.46%. The former suffered a slightly higher rate of adverse events — discomfort, headache and skin irritation — from wearing the coverings (13.6%) than did the latter (10.8%).

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