Well, play Soros-funded

prosecutor games, win Soros-funded prosecutor prizes

The mother of an 11-year-old rape victim is suing a George Soros-backed prosecutor in Virginia who let the boy’s rapist walk free, alleging the prosecutor’s actions violated the minor’s civil rights and made him fear for his physical safety.

… “Steve Descano’s office has shown more concern for those who commit crimes than [for] those who are victimized,” said Jenna Kuhn, the owner of Sully’s Pour House. “Governor Youngkin and Attorney General Miyares should help us uncover how and how many victims have been trampled over by Steve Descano.”

Here’s my concern: When the obviously guilty roam free and commit even more crimes, the strong tendency is to get more vigilante action as regular people understandably move to protect themselves and their loved ones. Same with the southern border.

I really don’t want to see that happen! I think the legal system is geared well to avoid mistakes, while vigilante action is quite prone to miscarriages of justice. And in a vigilante society, ALL penalties are the death penalty!

When Lefties “go soft” on a preferred (for them) person <cough>Hillary<cough>, regular people start to feel they are being treated unfairly. Here’s another example, among thousands.

We now know from the company’s internal documents that those claims were false. So should Dorsey be facing some sort of penalty or legal action for lying under oath?

Even if Republicans in the House did want to go after Dorsey, it still might prove impossible, at least for the next two years. As Jonathan Turley told The Post, any prosecution of Dorsey would require Merrick Garland to go along with the plan. And given how much Garland has politicized the Justice Department in favor of liberals since taking office, what are the odds of that happening? Likely slim to none.

And here.

See, when Lefties attack the legal system like they do here, they are inviting injustice. You want an active and fair law-enforcement system. You want equal protection under the law.

The alternative is too terrible to even imagine.

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