Hypocrisy Political philosophy

Lefty “argument.”

Me: what Democrats did HERE is just wrong and immoral, and YOU have been very silent about it.
Lefty: Yes, yes, it is probably true that it was wrong. But it’s not worth me commenting on—I can’t change it! But you know, Conservatives have done bad things, too. <world weary sigh> Let’s not devolve into simplistic black-and-white thinking and pretend one side is all good and one side is all bad.
Me: Yeah, I’m not AT ALL saying that, or that Conservatives have never done morally wrong things. I’m saying that this particular thing is evil and wrong, and Democrats are all over it like ugly on a hog!
Lefty: (sneeringly) But as your precious Bible says, all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. I remember that when I was little and forced by my parents into a Catholic grade school for a couple years <shudder>.
Me: Sure, but if I go 68 MPH in a 65 zone and you go 98MPH in that same place, yes, we are both guilty of speeding, but there’s kind of a difference. I think your moral equivalence is just a dodge! I think you are trying to avoid some very tough questions.
Lefty: <sigh> Look, you think your “tribe” is without fault, while mine is 100% evil.
Me: I didn’t say that, nor do I believe it!
Lefty: Look, you are just a bad person, and I’m simply not going to argue with you about this. I am too “pure” to sully myself by arguing with you. See ya. I’m outta here!

You can lead a Leftist to truth, but you can’t make him think…

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