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Yeah, well Biden

is a chronic and habitual liar. So in his senescent haze, it is not AT ALL surprising that he is having real problems discerning fact from fantasy.

So he does what is known as “confabulation”–he just makes stuff up. It is not lying per se, though of course what he says is untrue. He’s just adding things to the fill in the gaps of his cognitive losses. And since he never had a single problem with lying, some of the most ridiculous lies now come out of his mouth.

Biden then describes a scene (that never happened) where his Uncle Frank came over to the house with family in attendance for a ceremony to present the Purple Heart. Remember, we are talking about someone who died at least nine years prior to when this event supposedly took place.

… This is the kind of thing that would have been fact-checked to the hilt if Trump had said it. Reporters would have grilled Kayleigh McEnany on why the president had lied about something so sacred. Op-eds would have flowed like milk and honey decrying the culture of appropriation and dishonesty emanating from the White House.

… If we had a real press, he’d be lambasted for it, but we don’t so we get shrugs at what has become a continual stream of blatant lies. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a president (certainly not in my lifetime) who makes up so many personal stories, and you’d never know it without following conservative accounts on social media because none of the legacy outlets are going to tell you. They’re too busy quizzing Biden on what his favorite flavor of ice cream is.

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