See, the problem

is that of real life competence versus a mastery of the low arts of politics. See, Joe Biden has indeed mastered the low arts of politics. And that mastery is primary for him.

But once he reached his goal of the presidency, he was like a dog that chases cars and then doesn’t know what to do when he actually catches one!

The goal of taking an office was always the foundational goal, Biden’s North Star, if you will. Competence was never the actual goal or driving force! He just assumed that he could do it. Well, he was wrong…

Trump, on the other hand, came at it from the opposite direction. Yeah, you may not like him, but likability was never the primary factor–it was competence. Get elected, sure, but personal popularity was never the foundational issue! He was competent first.

A primary weakness of MANY voters is that they mistake “nice” for “competent.” Even higher IQ Democrats founder on the shoals of that weakness. And voters who have never run their own business or been an executive bleatingly go down that path.

But sometimes “nice” and “competent” are two very different things. For example, General Patton in WWII was far from “nice.” BUT, he was extraordinarily competent as a tank commander.

Abraham Lincoln, in the Civil War, said of his alcoholic and unpleasant General U.S. Grant, “I cannot spare this man. He fights.”

Understand well, people didn’t elect DJT because he was “nice.” They elected him because they deemed him competent.

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