Bad Faith Injustice

You know, it’s

pretty dang obvious that Epps was a plant, that he was working with/for the feds. Yes, this was bald entrapment and injustice.

HE even admits it in this recently-discovered text!

Conservatives need to be aware that they can often be “set up” by agents of the government. Be aware, and be careful.

BUT understand that you being careful IS a strategy of the Left. If you suddenly can’t trust others in your protest organization, that organization is quickly emasculated.

So the feds don’t give a flying fig about Ray Epps anymore. He has served their immediate purpose and continues serve their purposes by sowing suspicion among those who are against government tyranny. NO ONE cares about what happens to him now, least of all his government handlers.

So be active, be trusting, but be careful! There WILL be both spies and turncoats, but don’t let that derail you from standing up for what is right…

As Christ said, not everyone who says “Lord, Lord” will enter the kingdom of Heaven. And as an example I give you… Ray Epps!

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