Darwinian Evolution

The usual

biological evolution arguments are falling more and more flat to me.

As I have learned more and more about statistics and probability, I have become less and less convinced by the Darwinian Evolution argument, as prominent and orthodox as it is in academic circles.

Understand well that this is NOT an objection based on religious beliefs. Indeed, any such beliefs are totally unrelated to my objections.

Nor is this a facile “God in the box” sort of reasoning, that because A is not true, B must be. No, I’m not saying that at all.

What I AM saying is that A simply doesn’t work. See, the orthodox Darwinian Evolution explanation just can’t explain what needs to be explained. The math doesn’t work.

There is always a defense by Darwinian (or more technically, Neo-Darwinian) advocates to buttress their arguments by saying, “Yeah, but with millions and millions of years it could happen by chance alone.”

But no, no it couldn’t. The age of the universe itself is far too short for entirely random changes in millions of species! That dog just don’t hunt. And if evolution is directed, it is not Darwinian evolution. I mean, directed by whom?

Nor will some species of deistic evolution solve it (though that is an argument for another day).

So, I am left with calling this a fantasy. Why? Because I am a scientist. So I need to look for other explanations!

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