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Oh, THAT is

hilarious! Goose, meet gander…

Maybe I feel like a man right now. But in five minutes maybe I will feel like a woman. And just who are YOU to tell me that my choice of gender expression is unfounded?

Maybe I’m “gender fluid.” I’m unorthodox. Maybe I just never know if or when it will change. Maybe MY expression of one gender or the other is invisible or strange to YOU. Maybe I feel like a black woman but appear as a white man. Maybe I express my femininity and race by dressing and acting like a white man! But did you just assume my gender and/or racial identity? And what if it changes in the next minute? Just who are you to assume my gender? And who are you to tell me how to feel or how to express my race and/or gender? Maybe part of my gender and racial identity is to act in a way that makes you think I am faking! THAT is soooo hawwwt!

Sure, I felt like a man when I got dressed this morning, but about 10 minutes ago I started feeling more like a woman. You know, occasionally I feel like a woman trapped in a man’s body. People do that, you know. Are YOU so bigoted that you don’t get that?

Now, the OBVIOUS solution is to treat everyone the same, regardless of race, sex, or gender preference. Back to the future, eh?

This could very well end up boomeranging on the “gender fluid” and race-baiting crowd. And it should.

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