Evil Clown Psychopathology

Look, according

to Baldwin, the gun is the guilty party, not HIM!

Honestly, has there ever been a more ridiculous claim?

“The idea that the person holding the gun and causing it to discharge is not responsible is absurd,” said Halyna’s husband, Matt Hutchins, in an interview with Today. As absurd as it might seem, though, that’s exactly what Baldwin and other anti-gun activists want us to believe. 

… Baldwin and the other anti-Second Amendment activists apparently missed philosophy 101. Inanimate objects, like firearms, are not intrinsically evil. The actions of a gun-wielder, however, can be. 

… Baldwin did not intentionally kill Hutchins, but he is responsible for his negligence. His disregard for gun safety could be compared to a distracted driver accidentally hitting and killing a pedestrian. The driver did not mean to hit the person, but his irresponsible decisions resulted in death, leaving him to bear some level of culpability. [emphasis added]

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