Illegal Immigration Stooooopid!

So now even

Lefty crapholes cities are acknowledging that illegal immigration is a real problem!

I’d like to think that these Democrats actually are NOT totally stupid about this. Likely they are just hacks. Stupid, yes, but mainly hacks.

Lefty “leaders” whimper and whinge about the influx of illegal aliens. SHUT UP YOU SNIVELING WHINERS!

“Mayors do a lot of things, but we are not responsible for a broken immigration system. What we need in this country is we need the Congress to do its job and fix this immigration system,” Bowser said.

REALLY? What part of that have Conservatives NOT been saying for years! Welcome to the party, pal…

You want this for OTHERS to suffer but you gripe and whimper when YOU are faced with similar (but far less severe) consequences? Just shut up, you spoiled brat whining losers!

Grow up!

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