Political Strategy

It will be REALLY

hard for Democrats to get rid of Kamala. They’ve kind of painted themselves into a corner, here.

The Democrats are facing a reckoning regarding their choice of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris as their candidates for the COVID tainted election of 2020. In their lust to use the pandemic to change election rules on the fly and oust Donald Trump from office, they weren’t really worried about the quality of their ticket. It’s almost as if they knew they’d “win” no matter what.

Now, as we head into the 2024 presidential election cycle, they have to deal with the fact that they’re stuck with either a drooling fool who’s in the throes of age-related dementia or the worst diversity hire in history if they want to hang onto their ill-gotten 2020 gains.

… Whenever WaPo or The New York Times says anything negative about prominent Democrats, it’s almost always at the behest of other Democrats. The WaPo people may be idiots, but they haven’t JUST noticed that Princess Cackles is utterly incompetent.

I think there’s NO question that Democrats are in a bind. People have no intention of again voting for the incompetent and senile Joe Biden. And people are FAR more “hip” to Democrat voter fraud, so stealing the election is much harder now.

BUT, Kamala is just horrible as a candidate–even worse than Joe Biden! And they can’t easily push her out for the very same reasons that she was chosen in the first place–she is a Black(ish) woman.

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