Buffoons Captain Obvious

You know,

it’s the new thing!

Look, just remember that NO MATTER WHO it is, they will be “literally” (sic) Hitler. No. Matter. Who. The Left:

Trump? –Literally Hitler, of course
Romney? –Literally Hitler
McCain? –Literally Hitler
Bush II? –Literally Hitler

Dole? –loser, but quite literally Hitler

Are you catching the pattern, here?

Now DeSantis is (wait for it, wait for it) Literally Hitler.

CNN reporter John Blake sent this note to DeSantis’ press secretary, Bryan Griffin, asking for comment after the gov blocked a woke high-school class: “I’ve talked to one of the nation’s leading scholars on fascism who, along with another scholar who is an authority on fascism, say that DeSantis’ decision echoes similar decisions made by fascist dictators to force what one historian calls ‘collective amnesia’ about the past.”

Holy cow, what a maroon!

Democrats who say they are “moderate” and could vote for either side? Liars, pure and simple.

And Democrats really need to get some new material! They should be embarrassed. But intellectually, they are just not up to coming up with a new thing.

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