Bad Faith Banana Republic of Brandon

I just learned

that the Chinese spy ballon was observed to pass over Alaska–the Aleutian Islands. THEN it passed over Canada. The trajectory is obvious–I should have known.

So Biden didn’t shoot it down when it was over the HUGELY populated Aleutian Islands. Then he didn’t shoot it down over the densely populated Northern Idaho wilderness. Then he bravely didn’t shoot it down over the civilian mecca that is the wilds of Montana. Oh, and not over the Great Plains, either.

He waited until the spy balloon had traversed the entire country, relaying information back to the Chinese all the while. Once it was finally over the Atlantic, having gathered information and relaying it back as it crossed the entire country and now posing no threat at all anymore, Joe finally gave the order to shoot it down just before it left American airspace over the ocean.

Yes, brave, brave Sir Joe oh so bravely ran away…

So he knowingly allowed China to spy for a week before he acted. And he acted ONLY because it went public. Otherwise he would have just stayed silent. Wow.

You know, Joe shut the barn door after all the horses had already escaped. And I very much doubt that was an accident. I just wonder what his financial cut was…

Are you paying attention yet?

UPDATE: Now an “anonymous source” claimed (without ANY evidence) that this happened like three times under Trump. Trump absolutely denies it and said he would have happily shot it down. And given his personality, that is undoubtedly true. Smart money is that this is just a damned lie said in a frantic attempt to make Joe NOT look like a grasping weasel traitor. .

Don’t be gulled by this crap!

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