Corruption Lefty Political Strategy

Ahhh, now

we see the FIRST walkback! Trust me, it won’t be the last…

Remember, we’ve seen this shuck-and-jive several times before.

For example, in the last 20 years, at first Democrats claimed that there IS no voter fraud. That didn’t fit the facts, so the line became, “OK, there is no significant voter fraud.

That didn’t fit the facts, either. So it became, “Sure, significant voter fraud might exist, but it hasn’t changed the outcome of an election.”

But it became clear that THAT was factually incorrect, too. So the next position was a frantically defensive, “Well, you’re just a paranoid wacko, and besides, Republicans do it, too so it is justified!”

The final position now is to just blithely refuse to discuss it at all. And THAT position goes hand-in-glove with the Democrat refusal to even hear (let alone debate) a contrary POV. Do. Not. Leave. The. Circle. Of. Safety!

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