Oh please,

oh please!

I think there is NO question that molten salt reactors are the future (at least until nuclear fusion is a realistic option). Solar sucks. As does wind. Solar and wind are both very inefficient and unreliable/intermittent. And they are both HUGELY damaging to the environment both in the eyesore volume that would be needed and in the HUGE amount of toxic, unrecyclable waste that they produce.

And we haven’t even talked about the battery technology that we would need. Lithium mines are an environmental disaster and the needed cobalt is obtained through slave (often child) labor. It is scientifically untenable, environmentally horrible, and morally disgusting.

No thanks. I’m a scientist, a real environmentalist, and a moralist. And all three of those things make it so I am against solar and wind power. I am disgusted by the pretentiousness and utter obscenity of the solar and wind energy proponents!

Stop the fear-mongering, Leftists!

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