Lefty Political Philosophy

Fetterman is

now a liability to the Democrats. And they don’t need him anymore. They have slain Dr. Oz, and that was the whole purpose for Fetterman, anyway. And Democrats never support their own once they have outlived their usefulness…

It’s just the way Lefties ARE.

So yes, Fetterman is next under the bus. But he knew what he signed on for. So I’m fresh out of tears for him.

Years ago, I was interviewing parties to a nasty divorce for the court (separately, naturally). I asked the wife how they met, and she explained that he was married but they had an affair. SHE was the “other woman.” He divorced in order to be with her.

Then I asked her why they were breaking up. She said that he was unfaithful to her and she couldn’t tolerate it.

Irony much? You knew very well, first-hand, what he was when you picked him up! What, do you think YOU are somehow special?

Fetterman knew or should have known what he was getting into from the get-go. His wife surely did! THIS is what YOU signed on for. And you knew it. Enjoy the view from under the bus!

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