Education Lefty Intellectual Rigidity

I think wise

parents now very often look to other educational arrangements for their kids if they can.

I went to public school. So did my wife. My 4 kids all went to public school.

But things are different, now. And I would probably make different choices now than I did then.

Consider the fact that 65% of American fourth-grade students can barely read. This is a result of a radical shift to a new way of teaching children how to read.

… After a couple of decades of teaching reading this way with abysmal results, you’d think even a leftist would throw in the towel and go back to what worked before. Not on your life. That would mean the critics who have been railing against this travesty of education were right. And, as we know, leftists would rather blow up the country than admit anything they do causes more harm than good.

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