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Honestly, I

don’t think they can.

She would have to bail their sorry butts out by “deciding” not to run. And hey, it could happen!

And let’s say that Biden runs again, but this time loses. Is Kamala then the prohibitive frontrunner for 2028? It really would be better for Democrats for Kamala to be out of the picture after 2024!

Harris is deeply unpopular with independents, who are essential for electoral success (fewer than one in three voters view her favorably), and she is losing popularity among Democratic Party leaders. They see her ineptitude, listen to her word salads, and watch the polls with dismay. The latest evidence of Harris’ fading position is a sharply critical article in the New York Times, of all places, filled with anonymous disapproval from senior Democrats, many of whom once supported her. Now, they are worried.

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