Bad Faith Dishonesty

Yes, it will

be a lie. And as we know very well (and have abundantly seen with Fetterman), its not at all difficult to get a physician the lie for you. Of course it isn’t! It will be a lie. Uh, two words: Joe Biden. Yeah, lying comes naturally to him. He is a chronic, congenital liar. DUH!

Ex-President Barack Obama’s longtime former doctor warned that President Joe Biden’s weeks-delayed physical evaluation is likely to pitch the president’s health in the rosiest terms as he barrels toward an expected reelection announcement.

… Scheiner explained that Biden’s gait, which the president’s physician described in 2021 as “perceptibly stiffer and less fluid” than one year earlier, could be a leading indicator of the overall state of his health.

“The gait is not an insignificant factor,” he said, adding that it lends “a peek into the whole physical, mental capability of a person.”

But it’s FAR from difficult to paint an overly rosy picture. Just get someone whose loyalties are to Democrats in general rather than to objective truth.

Easy as pie.

No expert witness, for example, thinks he or she is a “hired gun.” And yet, we ALL know they exist and are actually quite common!

Same thing.

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