Education Lawfare

You know,

I’m not a big punitive lawsuits guy. But there are times when that clearly the best option. And that truly seems to be the case, here. Parents can (and should, most often) take their kids out of public schools. So these parents get to pay both taxes that fund the schools and the costs inherent in educating their children. What a country!

What we need is for the dollars to be attached to the child, rather than to a public School District! And in addition, schools need to be held legally liable for their crappy results!

The teachers’ unions, and the school administrators who are in frequent contact with them, don’t give a damn about the children in their charge. In a just world, we’d be able to lock up people who are deliberately dooming young children to a miserable future just so they can line their own pockets.

It is infuriating!

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