Pandemic Panic Porn Pimps

Yeah, any

blamed fool knew this! DUH!

So, for those are already immune through having had COVID, we are as immune as possible.

So the question I have is this: Why on this green earth have “leaders” been so Hell-bent on people getting the vaccine? It very much appears that, at heart, this was ALL about control and power, and not science or healthcare at all!

It was all ONLY about forcing people to be compliant. Nothing more. And young, athletic people dying as a result of the vaccine made not one lick of difference to them.

Wow, THAT is frankly satanic!

The robust nature of this meta-analysis makes this difficult to ignore. What readers may not recall is that earlier published studies reached the same conclusion, as far back as September 2021. Ron DeSantis drew a fact-check from the Tampa Bay Times for citing an Israeli study that concluded the same thing — and in fact found naturally acquired immunity to be stronger and longer-lasting than vaccination.

… Those who asked such questions got labeled as cranks or worse and found themselves gagged on social media and the public debate.” There needs to be a reckoning for what went on here.

It is truly maddening!

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