Fighting Back Pandemic Panic Porn Pimps

There is no question

now–at least from a scientific perspective. People should be mad!

Look, if you have had COVID or one of its variants (like Omicron), you are immune. An mRNA shot just adds risk, and NO benefit.

Yet people were forced into getting the vaccination, because work or school demanded it.

For others, even in the military, it was ‘get jabbed or lose your job.’ 

People lost their jobs, their educations, their future prospects, even their very lives because of this (my sons’ karate teacher died from the vaccine). Many of them have been brave, and I tip my hat to them.

And I fully understand that MANY were coerced into it. Yes, I am really quite sorrowful about that.

Medical people (from providers to administrators), who knew or should have known better, were strong-armed into compliance. And they crumped. It was a very tough test, but they were weighed in the balances and found wanting, so to speak.

Because hospitals or treatment centers can easily fire ONE person who bucks the overlords. So scientific objectors can only professionally survive if they band together in large groups. And the organization that requires involves serious risk and effort. Few people indeed are up to that task.

See, most people have a mortgage and a car payment (or two) and such, so the thought of revolting against this tyranny means choosing a short life of poverty–for you AND your family. MANY people knew it was wrong, but only a few were in a position to openly speak up…

Most of us now just keep quiet and resist where we can. And THAT is really quite valuable. NEVER underestimate the value and effectiveness of ongoing, passive resistance.

REAL courage is to openly fight back when the outcome is truly in question. Not when you are “safe.”

Am I “brave?” Not really. I had a situation where my livelihood was not overly threatened by the pandemic NAZIs. And I have also regularly engaged in passive resistance. And maybe that is just pulling my mask down under my nose at the VA. DO WHAT YOU CAN! Many small leaks sink a very large ship…

But still, I run ALL this through a VPN for a reason! And my VPN provider keeps no records that could be subpoena’d. It’s certainly not a guarantee, but it makes tracking me more difficult…

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