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Democrats are freaking out! Sunlight is the best disinfectant. And these Democrats hate sunlight more than vampires!

And it may well put the lie to their ongoing despotic J6 nastiness. So “flop sweat.” Of course. The “Uh-OH” heard ’round the world!

The fact that McCarthy gave the footage to Tucker Carlson adds a layer of deliciousness to this that would have been hard to script. Tucker is now the number one Fox News Channel monster under the bed for the Democrats, having long ago replaced Sean Hannity in the role. He not only continually badgers them for being awful, but he also has a lot of fun doing it. It’s like he’s a partying frat boy who delights in pranking them.

… Schiff and the other J6 false narrative pimps are likely sweating the fact that there is nothing in the tens of thousands of hours of footage that’s been kept from the public that will back up the Democrats’ claims of an insurrection. Because there wasn’t one. The public has been told for over two years now that the United States government was in danger of being overthrown by a handful of people led by a drunk dude wearing a novelty hat with horns on it.

The only people who believe that there was an insurrection are those who don’t know what the definition of the word “insurrection” is. [emphasis added]

I am very much warming to Speaker McCarthy!

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