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They are just

for special occasions. And school/work.

But really, let’s not be so rigid about this. As the Left never tires of informing us, gender identification is malleable. Let’s just say that, “Sometimes you feel like a nut, some times you don’t!” And just what is wrong with that?

In November, The Halton District School Board, which oversees the school, said that after reviewing its dress code, it has decided that preventing the teacher from wearing the insanely large breasts with giant protruding nipples would result in “considerable liability,” the Post Millennial reported. 

Maybe there’s just something about the school that makes him want to wear giant prosthetic breasts! I mean, we’ve ALL been there, right? Let he who has never worn giant strap-on prosthetic breasts with huge protruding nipples to work cast the first bra!

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