Did you somehow

think that would NOT be the case? More fool, you!

The problem for Joe Biden is people are now actually going to start asking real questions about U.S. policy when it comes to the Ukraine war. You don’t need a Ph.D. from Princeton to dream them up: what are our goals in Ukraine, how do we plan to achieve them, and what we are willing to risk to reach them? 

… For example – and let’s try to look past Biden’s photo-op foreign policy moment in Kyiv – does anyone have a clue exactly what Joe Biden’s end goal is for giving Ukraine billions of dollars of military aid?

We need strategy here, not mere tactics. And up until this point there has been no strategy at all, ONLY tactics. Just what is the goal, here? We need people who can think beyond two days from now!

Just what, pray tell, is our end game? A military evolution without goals is like a golf course without holes…

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